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2011-10-18 13:04:09 by XZIFIY

and now the wizRd 2

The WizRd!

2011-10-18 09:44:39 by XZIFIY

the WizRd is out. an unpredictable, somewhat random song!

Song is out!

2011-10-17 13:21:10 by XZIFIY

My new song is out. SuperTrance. Take a look.


2011-10-06 11:00:33 by XZIFIY

actually, my first post will be a song.

First Posts

2011-09-25 09:51:56 by XZIFIY

Hello Newgrounds! I will have my first post up within a month (if I can figure out how to use Flash by then) I hope you guys will like it and I hope it will turn out good!